7th Grade

Hello everyone. My name is Emmy Hergert. 
I am a Wyoming native growing up outside of Torrington, Wyoming on our family farm. After struggling in elementary school and being blessed with a quality education that made a difference in my life, I pursued earning a degree in Elementary Education at the University of Wyoming. Right after graduation, I enrolled in a master's program with an emphasis on teaching middle-level mathematics because of my love of math and my desire to continue to learn and grow as a professional.
My first years teaching were in Saratoga, Wyoming in the fall of 2010. Later, because of my husband's job, we moved to Thermopolis in 2012 where I taught at RWE for three years. While I loved teaching the littles and was blessed to be surrounded by some outstanding educators, an opportunity to try teaching middle school opened up. 
Since 2015 I've been teaching 7th grade at TMS. During my time at TMS much has changed, Our family has grown to six with four little boys and many of our extended family have also moved to Thermopolis. We feel so lucky that we get to live and work in this community. Also, through the time spent at TMS teaching hundreds of students and meeting many of our community's families, my love of our community and our students continues to grow.  
I am invested in our education system and desire to do my best to serve the needs of our community and students. I strive to provide all students with the opportunity to take on challenging tasks and build confidence in their abilities. In our math classes, we work to provide engaging instruction and build conceptual understanding for all students to experience success. Granted, there are times that I may fall short of this mission statement. Please don't hesitate to reach out or stop by our school to talk with me.
Thank you for sharing your children with me!